Who are Empower Inc?

Empower Inc was founded in 2005 at the first dawn of online digital web design and digital marketing. Our vision was to deliver to our clients visually pleasing web design and functionality with interesting content rich material. We are a social enterprise company who compete in the market like any other business and we pursue business and make a profit, we continually invest our profits back into the business or directly into the community.
We are mould breakers and strive to break new ground in the products and services we deliver to our clients.


What do we do?

Empower Inc are a Digital Marketing company who offer unique but practical solutions for all your online marketing requirements. Steeped in the constantly developing technologies but realizing that companies need to be listened to first and foremost, we like to think that we put as much time into listening to our clients’ business issues as we do working on the solutions.


Why should you trust us?

Good question! Empower Inc wish to enthuse, motivate and deliver to our customers Digital Marketing solutions which will enable those customers to increase both their customer base and their revenues from our involvement in the process.
Our principles, goals and values are set in the traditional concept of entering into a partnership with another with honesty, innovation, and clarity as regards our business proposition.


If you have any questions or would like to arrange a free consultation, please contact us.

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